Ari Asulin - Software Engineer


Ari Raphael Asulin

Mesa, AZ

I'm a full-stack developer with 15 years of industrial experience. I consider programming to be a form of art requiring an artistic mind. I work well with teams and just as well autonomously. I am a US citizen born in Texas.

I would like to work long-term in an American-owned, low stress, high responsibility job. I would prefer not to work for any public (i.e. trades on NYSE), or international corporations. American-owned companies only, please.

My ambitions include designing an open-source and a series of video games.


Tempe, Arizona
2002 - 2008

Arizona State University

B.S. in Computer Science

ASU's Comp Sci degree heavily focused on project team management and .NET. I taught martial arts at the Rec Center for over 3 years.

Tucson, Arizona
2001 - 2002

University of Arizona

B.S. in Computer Science

UofA was a nicer college than ASU with better programming courses.

Skills and Technologies


JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS, React Native, HTML5 && CSS3, PHP, .NET & C#, SQL & NoSQL, Android Development, iOS Development, Continuous Integration, Encryption, Application Programming Interfaces, REST & GraphQL


NodeJS (Server) + React* (Client), LAMP (or nginx)


Video Editing, Image Creation, Music Production, HTML & CSS Content, Broadcasting


Linux System Administration, Debian Server, Nginx, Apache, SSL Certificates


git, ssh, bash, nodejs & npm, PHPStorm, Visual Studio, Gimp, Kdenlive, ObsStudio


Juggling, Martial Arts, Historic Investigation

Personal Projects

2018 - 2021

Web-based Digital Audio Workstation

The Audio Source Composer is an Open-Source Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) built on the WebAudio API written in NodeJS with ReactJS for browsers and ReactNative for mobile. The main goal of the AudioSource Project is to provide an easy all-platform music composer pre-loaded with as many free sample libraries we can compile, allowing aficionados of all music to not only listen, but explore the 'source' of the music they love, and hopefully be inspired to write music of their own.

2008 - 2021

WebGL based video game

Forgotten Future is a web-based video game project still in the planning stages. This open-source parallax scrolling game will be available on all platforms. Right now the website features a webGL demo as well as music composed by Ari Asulin. The next phase of this project will involve finding a cross-platform GL solution allowing video games to be written once and be playable anywhere.

2019 - 2021

Investigation Repository

The Paradigm Threat CMS is written in ReactJS (NodeJS) making use of Markdown syntax. All site content is managed through a shared git-repository which provides deployment, version control, and user access without needing a database service. This makes the CMS invulnerable to DDoS attacks and hacking attempts. The objective of the timeline project is to compile an alternate history of Earth based on ancient testimony as an accessible sequence of events from the first memory to modern day. The CMS has been used to gather contributing documents for our team investigations.

2015 - 2016

Blockchain Social Network

Relay is a social network powered by blockchain technology. Utilizing PGP Encryption & WebRTC technology, and driven by Community Source principles, Relay offers a public alternative to the many emerging social media challenges and an increasingly disconnected user-experience. The project was discontinued after we couldn’t secure funding.

Work Experience

Scottsdale, Arizona
2017 to present

Harkins Theatres

Software Contractor

I was hired to develop the website and store apps. It was an amazing experience with amazing people and I got to delve heavily into the NodeJS (npm), Android, and iOS ecosystems. My responsibilities included:

  • Implementing new website features using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and REST
  • Migrating from Windows to LAMP
  • Maintaining uptime during crashes, attacks
  • Implementing new app features using React Native and REST
  • Resolving CI compilation issues related to npm libraries
  • Deploying to the Play and Apple stores

Dave Peep (IT Manager)

Dirk Ellsworth

Florida, United States
Aug 2016 – Dec 2018

Simon Payments

Software Contractor

I rescued an East Coast payment processor who lost their programmer. I was able to fix their bank integration. Then I redesigned their entire payment processor in PHP, including a front-end UI that generated forms on the fly. I integrated a few more bank APIs for Simon Payments and then eventually they let me go as the software was humming along beautifully. My responsibilities eventually included:

  • Lead Developer, Project Manager, Content & Design Management
  • Developed and maintained website over a 6 year period
  • Developed all modules including payment, payout, & financial systems
  • Maintained payment info storage, encryption, scheduling, and automation

Tony Garay

San Francisco Bay Area
Aug 2013 – Dec 2014

Originate and NewAer

Originator and Software Engineer

I was an Originator for the Originate and NewAer software companies in San Francisco which operated out of the same offices. I was tasked with building Apps for Android, iOS, WinRT, Windows 8 desktop, as well as investigating proximity-based social networking. I then joined NewAer for the next 6 months and left after the company scaled down - they had realized Windows RT couldn't do bluetooth networking.

Rob Mallery

Dave Matthews

Scottsdale, Arizona
Feb 2012 – Apr 2013

Blue Global Media

Integration Specialist, and System Administrator

I integrated bank APIs for home and auto lender applications as well as maintained linux servers. I was hired for my experience integrating APIs in PHP.

Eric Cumberworth

Scottsdale, Arizona
May 2005 – Oct 2012


Head Of Information Technology

I was head of IT for Etelegate - a payment processor of high-risk websites. I learned a great deal of industry-standard languages like PHP and Javascript on the job while also attending ASU. My responsibilities eventually included:

  • Lead Developer, Project Manager, Content & Design Management
  • Developed and maintained website over a 6 year period
  • Developed all modules including payment, payout, & financial systems
  • Maintained payment info storage, encryption, scheduling, and automation
  • API integration for processing bank transactions, as well as htpasswd password management for client websites

Gordon Pardy